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About Raja & Rancho
(Rajkumar Javkar)

Rajkumar Javkar better known as Raja Rancho is an excellent ventriloquist who is highly admired for his performances at The Great Indian Laughter Challenge II. Being an ordinary person with an extraordinary talent Rajkumar has always been the standout for the show, often embraced for his better half Rancho or the dummy. His talent and art of mimicking has always ensured that people have a good time watching the show. Rajkumar is a brilliant performer who is a huge fan of Jhonny Walker and Mehmood, and says that two of them have been the role models of his life.

At the age of 8 Rajkumar was always fascinated by the different voices of people who belonged to different communities. For instance, Punjabi people sound a lot different than Gujarati and the same is with Marathi or South Indian people too. This made him inquisitive and thus his journey as a ventriloquist began. 


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RAJA & RANCHO (Rajkumar Javkar)
Standup Comedian - The Great Indian Laughter Challenge II Fame

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